Enigmatic,unpredictable, almost unattainable; she’s a woman, hear her roar. All adjectives aside, there’s only one word that defines women. Beautiful. And there’s only one thing they want above all. Love. Continue reading Woman



We all have our own shades, our own palette. Sometimes, we come across someone else who has a different shade. We quickly realize that together we can paint beautiful pictures and render more color to life. We realize that our strength lies in uniting and blending. It’s their ink that we were missing in life after all. Continue reading Violet


We’re often told to think a certain way and define ourselves according to what society thinks is right. Why should people define happiness for us? WHY aren’t WE given the opportunity to choose what we like? Let’s dare to dream and define. Continue reading Happyness

Life in flames

There comes a time in life when love seems difficult, cold and unattainable. You begin to question its root and essence. With such a confused state of affairs, you’ve only one thought that keeps you going- the strong feeling you have for the other person, beyond your control, beyond what you could ever imagine; and the hope that things will fall into place because you believe. You believe in love. Continue reading Life in flames

Break Free

More often than not, we find ourselves basing our ideas about things on what the people around us think. We tend to just agree without questioning and lose our individuality in the long run. It’s never too late to start thinking, questioning, searching for the truth, if there is any, and becoming the person that we truly are. See, hear, smell, taste, feel. Break free! Continue reading Break Free

Lost and found

The season is beginning to change and as always, love is evoked in the hearts of hopeless romantics. When you long to be with someone, when you catch yourself smiling in solitude, when you can’t deny that love is a beautiful feeling in spite all the heartbreaks and trials, and when love is the only thing that heals you and makes you whole; you know you’re more alive than ever. To all those who can’t help falling in love. Continue reading Lost and found

Code Red

For the first time when life baffled you with a surprise that you did not welcome in any way, but nevertheless it came to stay. You’ll always hate it but you can’t escape it. You’ll be grateful to have been given the opportunity to create life, the most beautiful gift of all. Continue reading Code Red