All of us at some point have stopped for a while to think about some decisions we made and how they effected us, or perhaps regret not making some others. Life gives us multiple opportunities to achieve what we want, but sometimes we just turn around and run away to a comfort zone just because we are afraid of failing.We need to keep knocking on every door and find the right combination which will take us closer to our goals. Continue reading Doors



When the going gets tough and you realize that all you’ll ever need is a small talk with yourself, some inspiration and some self-motivation. Continue reading Conquer


What does a helpless child go through when war has broken out in his country? How does a little child learn about survival and death when life has only begun for him? This one’s something any such child would narrate, only less morbid than the reality. Continue reading Shuddered


Nobody would want to do it. They are forced into it one way or another. So many women suffer because of reasons that nobody can understand except them. Here’s my take on trying to express from the point of view of one such lady who struggles with her profession every single day. Continue reading Sold