Aswad is the Arabic word for Black. So when someone cannot perceive colors as you probably can, do not pity them. They are living in a better world than you with a pure heart that can actually see things through other senses. Much better than you could ever see the world. Continue reading Aswad


Full Circle

When life flashes before your eyes, it’s often too late to undo a lot that you wish you could. Everybody dreams of a pleasant reel of memories to play before their eyes, but seldom work towards it. Continue reading Full Circle

On writing

Writing is an extension of the soul. Poetry, albeit fewer words than prose, profoundly explains stories in volumes. It liberates the souls of the readers, gives them a chance at their own interpretation. Writing poems consumes you, whole and raw; and gives you a chance at life, to escape into a different world of your own. Continue reading On writing


Why is ‘obliteration’ immediately associated with a particular religion? Can’t it be seen as an act committed by an individual who belongs to no religion? Terrorism is surely an act beyond any faith, and it defies the biggest faith of all- humanity. Continue reading Misjudged

Taste of Trouble

When you have been trying hard to avoid it, trouble makes sure to charm you in every way possible. We have all gotten lured by the fancy looks, smart conversations, good humour, provoking perfumes, hypnotic gazes and put our faith in the wrong people; only to realise later that all our senses were indeed under the influence of the deadliest potion called love (or so we thought it was). This one is a humorous take on the aforementioned Trouble. Continue reading Taste of Trouble

So, sojourn.

In this journey called life we’re merely travelers who occasionally stop to rest. There’s nothing permanent in this world except this journey that you’ve chosen for yourself, and there’s nothing or no one that can accompany you on this journey forever. Be glad for the little good things that happen along the way, and be proud of how far you’ve come. Remember what your final destination is and never cease to chase your dreams. So journey well, sojourner. Continue reading So, sojourn.

Heart and Soul

We are faced with tough choices in life every now and then, but the toughest of choices are those that concern the heart. We want to believe that the next person we meet is the one, but life may have different plans. In such times, a hopeless romantic driven by his heart does not succumb to worldly conditions, because it believes the one pure thing in this world is love. It only knows how to love, and it loves unconditionally, expecting nothing else in return except a whole heart from another soul. When it doesn’t receive one, it does not despair. It continues to love anyway. Continue reading Heart and Soul